Malik Abualzait

Malik Abualzait is a computer engineer, graduated from the German Jordan University, as well obtained an Informatics degree from Brandenburg Applied University - Germany.

Constantly updating his skill set, Malik Abualzait is proficient in the latest iterations of Java, iOS, Web apps, CMSs, Rest APIs, and Online Marketing skills.

My main responsibilities revolved around building cutting-edge mobile applications and games, testing and debugging applications and developing updates to improve app usability. I also collaborated with the production and business department to help define projects needs and how best to accommodate them. I have been involved in the entire lifecycle of Android app development. Among my responsibilities at the 7 Doctors TV show were to solve problems, debug apps, develop mySQL database structures, building the Rest Apis using Yii and Laravel Frameworks and participated in new product development.

As well I have a solid experience with Git tools and frameworks like Github & Bitbucket, even I provided many open source libraries and tools in behalf of the companies I worked in for the android open community.

  • My career path as a Senior Android Developer over the past six years feature accomplishments summarized below:
  • Helped create and test more than 50 fully functional Android applications ranging from networking apps, marketing tools, Video and Audio streaming apps, to OCR, AR featured.
  • Up to date with the best 3rd party libraries, SDKs and architecture components e.g. Live Data , Room, rxJava.
  • In the last two years I have added to my experience dealing with Automation, continuous integration and continuous deployment using Gradle, Jenkins and Pipeline frameworks.
  • As well the integration with Agile software’s like (Jira) were I have written advanced scripts to automate the team tasks using Jira Apis & Gradle.
  • Exceeded manager’s needs, improving app functionality and focusing on object-oriented design, as well best design architectures (MVC, MVP ,MVVM).
  • Am well-regarded for writing efficient, reusable code that prioritizes security.
  • A side of development I coach Android development for private & public sectors some of the accomplished trainings were for Royal Jordanians Airlines, Arab Bank and Jordanian Civil defense department.