Malik Abualzait Received the Guinness Certificate in Mobile application development

Guinness Certificate

In 08.2018 Malik Abualzait got his Guinness Certificate, while he was representing the 7 doctors TV show in a hackathon competition in KSA, our contribute in this competition was building a mobile application in the health sectors of Hajj in 28 hours.

Basic Security in the Field II.pdf

Basic Security in Field Exam

In 2018 Malik Abualzait have been selected to work on Syria operation in the United Nations offices in Amman specifically in the world food program, as a prerequisite I had to pass the UN Exams

Advance Security in the Field .pdf

Advance Security in Field

Passing the Advance Security exam was also required to join the UN.

Google Digital Skills Exam

Recently Malik Abualzait has passed the Google Digital Skills Exam, which discussed the online presence for local and international markets, SEO, Social Networks and all the topics related to the e-commerce and online marketing.

Audience Insights - Facebook

Immersive Storytelling with Facebook 360

Introduction to Instagram

Getting S4g as a Microsoft Partner - Dubai

Malik Abualzait role was back then in the IT department as an IT Manager in Dubai, Applying professionally Microsoft products in our biggest project make it easier for us to join the Microsoft Partners Network

Certificate of Achievement

Malik Abualzait has got this appreciation certificate after being 3 years working with Smart Galaxy company in Dubai.

During the past period, Malik Abualzait has been a member of multiple communities & competitions trying to give back to my neighborhood, collages and companies I worked for.

Getting the 3rd place in a Microsoft competition by producing a video based on a research that concerns in the alternative energy in middle east as well a full projection in the future of energy.

Malik Abualzait got the third place in microsoft competition

Instagram Marketing bootcamp course

unlimited youtube traffic course