Mobile Applications

Alcatel Levant Mobile Application for Auditing System in Middle east

Tejar Dubai Marketing Mobile Application (MiBag)

Cam Translate - scan and translate any paper with more than 100K downloads on play store

Voice Translate Application for android Devices - Text to speech translation


An entertainment game that made a trend on the media specially in Algeria & Ethiopia. Its a prank game collected more than 0.5 Million downloads in less than 1 Month (March 2017)

a smart alarm application that asks the user to solve a math equation in order to snooze the alarm

Camera Colors Detector

It is a mobile application that analyze the colors in any image using the mobile cam

Chat with AI bots

Polling App

Free VPN Service

Web Projects

Servers Monitor

This free tool will help users keep an eye on their servers, websites and APIs, it will alarm you whenever your server is down as well it will send you the status ID for the server