The world has been taken over by the Android storm, and it is the largest mobile operation system powering smart phones, regular phones, tablets and other devices. With continuous upgrades and additions being carried out by Google, the world of Android is only meant to grow, and with this growth comes the perfect career opportunity for you.

Since 2014 I am providing the most exclusive professional Android applications development training.

Some of my key Trainings in Jordan:-


Mobile Banking Training in android development.


Royal Jordanian Airlines IT Department Mobile Development Training


Technical Training for the Jordanian Civil Defense Department


The Islamic University of Ghaza

Personal branding in the medical sector

In 2018 Malik Abualzait has been chosen as a mentor in 7 Doctors Academy, which offers multiple trainings to the medical sectors regarding the Media creation, content personal branding and Online presence.

Royal Jordanian airlines - android

"Attendees found the training creative, useful and effective. it helped them shaping their skills in the Android Development as well enhanced their knowledge"

Android Development Trainings

This Android program is an intensive, results-focused program aimed at helping learners

create applications using Google's Android™ open-source platform. The Course will start by explaining the Java concept as I assume the learner has no Java backgrounds.

Each lecture will be divided into 2 parts:

  1. 20% Theoretical concepts and tools overview.
  2. 80% Practical examples on the lecture topic.

As well the students will have topic based examples, as well a course project which will have all the topics taught included in it and should be reviewed at the end of the course.

The overall project objectives are:

  • Understand object-oriented programming principles.
  • Write Java syntax, including declarations, operators, assignments, generics, annotations, enumerations, naming conventions, flow-control structures etc.
  • Use best-practice design patterns when developing Java code.
  • Develop a grasp of the Android OS architecture.
  • Understand the application development lifecycle.
  • Experiment with the database to store data locally.
  • Familiarize with Android's APIs for data storage, retrieval, user preferences, files, and content providers.
  • Identity, analyze and choose tools for Android development including device emulator.
  • Construct user interfaces.
  • Create multi-media android components.
  • Create an android based application.

Digital skills - personal branding

One of the goals of the Digital Skills training is to open the eyes of the people training to the opportunities that the internet offers to everyone in the world no matter where they are. We believe that with empowerment, anyone can embrace the idea of working online and making contributions at a world level using the power of the internet.

it is all about how digital is changing the world of work, and how you can successfully grow your career in the digital age.

Each lecture will have practical work to ensure that the attendances will apply the new skills into actual presence, for example, creating a new blog, website, using the analysis tools and so on.